Welcome to the WAHMlight Guerilla Fluff

So excited to bring you a few fantastic bits of Guerilla Fluff! And introduce you to a smart and funny WAHM named Novia. 

Happy September folks! And welcome to the WAHMlight Guerilla Fluff!

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Itsy Bitsy Bums: Tell us about yourself - your family, your likes, your dislikes. 
Guerilla Fluff: Well my family and I currently live in the land of soybean and corn (i.e. Indiana), lol. And my partner and I have a little 20 month old girl named Giselle (a.k.a. Gizzy) who's absolutely adorable and a good kid (we know we got lucky with her) but let's be real and say that she's also hell on wheels lol. The terrible twos have infiltrated our once serene home.

I'm pretty boring actually (having kids has SOOOO domesticated me). I like to read in my spare time, and my favorite TV shows are Fringe and House M.D. and I like to listen to lounge music - two of my fave bands are Zero 7 and Massive Attack. I also like to cook and I'm pretty sure I have THE BEST tasting chili ever; so if anyone would like to challenge that let me know and we can have a chili throw down LOL!

Besides being a mom and a WAHM I'm also a full time masters student going for my MFA in Fashion Merchandising. I'm the typical overachiever; which is typical for a Leo LOL!

IBB: When did you start making diapers? 
GF: Like most WAHMs I started making diapers after I had my baby. I wanted her diapers to be more cool and less 'cutesy' AND have great function. There were a lot of cute diapers out there, but the majority of the cute ones lacked on function and Gizzy would whiz through them like she had nothing on, and, being the problem solver that I am, Guerilla Fluff was born. :-)

Guerilla Central 1
Basically this is my ball and chain. I've got my industrial straight stitch machine I've affectionally dubbed 'The Monster' and I have a Brother Innov-is that I call 'Little Monster.' I switch between these two machines religiously. I have a dry erase board that serves as an overview of orders and a more detailed list of orders/customs to the right of it (I need a new board lol). You can see where Gizzy came in and tried to put a diaper on one of her Hello Kitty bears lol.

IBB: What is your favorite part about being a WAHM?
GF: Helping people find a solution with cloth diapers is my fave part of the process (my least favorite would be cutting because that can take days). I like helping people make the best decision for their kids and I wouldn't recommend/sell a product that I wouldn't use myself. Of course I also do like seeing pictures of kids wearing Guerilla Fluff or playing with one of my dolls. It's gratifying to know that someone found an answer to their cloth diapering dilemmas with my products. It makes the 19 hour days worth it. 

Guerilla Central 2
This is where I store more fabric lol. 50% of my [hard to find] stuff lives in and on that book case. I have put my ironing board to good use by using it as a table of sorts where I store my overflow of fabric. That's where most of my dyed and marble-dyed stuff lives. On the floor in their own separate bins are dirrty dozen orders and future stocking items as well as prints that I am cutting out for the baby expo I'm participating in in October.

IBB: Where do you get inspiration for the products you offer? 
GF: That's like asking an artist where they get inspiration and the answer is always the same... everywhere and in everything and from everyone lol. I'm an 'idea man.' I literally have a notebook FULL of hundreds of ideas for Guerilla Fluff stuff lol. So when I do stock an item or create a new item it's been marinating in my head for quite some time (usually months). I'm pretty meticulous that way. 

IBB: How does your background in fashion influence you?
GF: Working in fashion affects your taste level a bit when it comes to choosing and manipulating fabrics. I'd probably say that the biggest influence that working in the fashion world has on me when it comes to Guerilla Fluff is how I go about presenting it and how I go about creating my products. It's bigger than diapers to me a lot of the time. Working in the fashion world you don't have the option to sit and focus on the present - you have to be able to be a fortune teller a bit because you're always thinking about the next season and future products. And working in that very fast-paced world really has affected what I stock, when I stock it and how. Dude, I have some longies designs coming that I don't think anyone could've taken to this level. 

Guerilla Central 3
It may look like chaos but I know where everything is. ;-) This is where the bulk of the fabric lives, all washed and ready to make into fluff for parents and babies to . Along with my knitting and my ba-gillion snaps lol.

IBB: What is your favorite fabric currently stocked at IBB?
GF: Hands down Konichiwa Kitty. We're HUGE Sanrio fans here... and by 'we' I mean Gizzy and me lol. I have created a little Hello Kitty monster (she has three Hello Kitty stuffed animals and she carries them around the house ALL the time) and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but in my mind a little girl can never go wrong with some HK love. 

Now that you've gotten to know more about Novia, take a chance to explore her amazing creations. Itsy Bitsy Bums currently has a limited stocking of both Calibers and One Size Fitteds!

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  1. i actually really enjoyed this interview. i'm a total nerd and love seeing interviews with favorite authors/other intelligent people, and i'm going out on a limb here...but i think that novia really likes to "entertain" in her diaper-making...i don't like to sound cliche by saying it's an art, but she takes it seriously and does a great job - and is a great interviewee!