It's a (Sock) Zoo

Hope everyone is doing well today. It is quite the blustery day in IBBville - fall is definitely in the air! 

In one of my former lives, I was a double major in studio art and art history at the lovely Gustavus Adolphus College (say that 5x fast, it's fun). The love to create and stimulate the imagination never left me, however the time to be crafty certainly has. A very inquisitive and very energetic 14-month-old has left me precious little space to pull out any of my former loves - painting, beading and the like. While I can still take photographs (poor iPhoto is bulging at its proverbial seams), I am feeling restless for another project to keep me entertained on the cool fall nights. 

Well, this morning that project practically fell into my lap (yup, fell, Avalee pushed the laptop while I was checking my email). Check out Boden's sock menagerie! I am so excited. And this gives me a use for those pairs of socks that don't get much love these days. 

Other than imagining Avalee's new family of sock dogs, I've been shipping lots of orders out to families across the country and our northern neighbor as well - love spreading the cloth love! And the approach of one of my favorite seasons (the others being winter and spring, haha) has left me feeling quite generous - mention 'GIFT' at checkout to get a fun surprise with your order! Good through September 22nd. 

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  1. those sock pets are WAY crafty! are they hard, though?