Fancy Pants

Did you know I have a Masters in Art History? Yup. Although I might not have pursued my doctorate as originally intended, I still did firmly establish my love of beautiful, striking and all-around aesthetically pleasing things. 

So what's more fun than when I pack an order, and realize just how fabulous all the items look together? I get a not-so-secret kick out of the fact that it just looks gooooood. And sometimes I like to photograph these orders, just so I can upload them to Facebook for others to oogle as well. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I don't know if people actual intend for their items to look so good together, but I did begin to wonder... what would happen if people *did* attempt to place the prettiest orders?? What would that look like? 

Enter Fancy Pants!
Your mission - create the prettiest order! 

The winner scores an itti bitti tutto all-in-one,
in a color or pattern that perfectly coordinates with your order!

To Participate
  • Your order must contain at least three items, and these three items must be from at least two different brands
  • Mention code 'Fancy Pants' at checkout (or email me afterwards) to let me know you want your order entered 

Yes, this contest is incredibly subjective, I straight-up acknowledge that. I'll photograph participating orders and upload those photos to Facebook. You are in no way, shape or form required to comment on nor 'like' any of the photos. But if you feel inspired to comment regarding which you think is the prettiest, feel free to follow that instinct. While I might be the CEO, COO, merchandise coordinator, photographer, business analyst and everything else in between, I'm no dictator and am happy to entertain popular opinion when making my decision. 

Remember what Stacy and Clinton have taught us - color, pattern, texture, shine. 

Happy planning! 

Fine Print
  • Order must be received by 23:59 Sunday, 6/5/11. 
  • All participating orders will be shipped Monday once the winning order has been selected. 
  • Trial package orders not eligible to participate. 
  • Facebook promotion fine print: By purchasing you agree to release Facebook of any involvement, and that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associate with, Facebook. Your participation provides Itsy Bitsy Bums with your name and shipping details, and Facebook does not receive any notice of your personal information.

ps. Do you know of John Singer Sargent? I'm often told by folks in the art history circles that I look like Madame X, one of his most famous paintings. It actually is kind of eerie. 

image from Met


  1. I thought my order of Tiny Tushes was quite beautiful in it's sea scape! Totally unintentional as they were all picked by hubby! I love when things work out like that.

  2. It was MI. Too bad I didn't get a better picture of it, to truly show off all the ocean tones.