Thank You! + Email Updates

A few bits of info for those who might not frequent the IBB Facebook page

1. A big thank you to everyone who helped celebrate my darling girl's birthday last week! And with her birthday came a real live birthday party and a lovely day spent with friends and family. Such a nice time! 

2. Thank you to everyone who has been patient with the sometimes-delayed email replies. Between a non-napping toddler and my own chronic fatigue issues, I don't always get to answer emails with the speediness I would like. But rest assured (haha, at least someone is resting) that I always strive to reply super-speedily.

3. Happy pre-4th-of-July-weekend-week! Stay tuned, IBB folks, as there are a ton of sales coming your way later this week! A newsletter will go out shortly with all the details. Don't get the newsletter? Sign-up at the right >> 'Get the Itsy Bitsy Bums Newsletter' - 'Join Our Mailing List'


  1. <3 you, Abby!
    If I lived closer I'd offer a hand!

  2. cute birthday cupcake display! Sorry I'm not close enough to help out either. Holding off my order for the upcoming sales. :)