Bitsy Bunny Hard at Work

Just a couple of hours until the search begins, and the bunny is hard at work hiding 20 eggs through the land of Itsy Bitsy Bums. 

Hints are always nice, yes?

  • $5-$10 eggs are hidden one or two clicks off the homepage
  • $10-$15, $15-$20 and $20-$30 eggs are hidden one to three clicks off the homepage
  • The $50 mother-of-all-eggs is four clicks from the homepage. I will periodically post clues on Facebook through the weekend until it is snagged by one lucky hunter. 

Is all of the above Greek to you? Checkout this post

Happy Hunting, and Happy Earth Day!!!

ps. Check out Google's Logo for the day (be sure to move your cursor over it). Love it!

pps. Did you know you can explore the Doodle Logo archive? See here.

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