You Are Cordially Invited to Go Hunting

An Easter Egg hunt in honor of Earth Day

Friday at 10am CDT - Sunday 10pm CDT


A. It is fun 
B. The swag
C. The thrill of the hunt 
D. All of the above. 

Beginning Friday morning, several 'eggs' will be hidden through the website. 
These eggs will be marked by a golden egg, with a shopping cart button beneath.

To claim your prize
Add the drop-down item to your shopping cart. 
Spend $25 (before shipping). 
If you are the first to 'purchase' that egg, it is all yours!
Egg prize values range from $5 to $50.

Oh wait, want to maybe hunt for a bigger egg? But what if someone snags the one you found in the meantime? Oh friends, that is the fun part. 

Say what? 
In other words, each hidden egg represents one prize. If you are the first person to purchase it, then it is all yours. 
There will be many, many eggs scattered through the website.
Easier eggs will be smaller prizes. Motherload prizes will be much, much harder to find. 

In review
Friday 10am - Sunday 10pm Central Time
Dig through the website. Some eggs will be in plain site, while others will be accessible via link only.
Find an egg, decide if you want to claim it.

At checkout, be sure to include your baby's gender and approximate weight, or the bunny might to forced to go on his own hunt to track you down. 

Fine Print
  • All purchases and prizes will ship when the hunt concludes.  
  • I will do my best to mark eggs that have been found. However, we have a busy holiday weekend ourselves so I will not always be online to make these updates. If an egg has been purchased, you will get an 'out of stock' notice at checkout. This alert means someone else has claimed that particular prize. 
  • Prize values range from $5 to $50. You will know the approximate worth of your egg, but will not know the exact item until you open your package next week. Yup, like a real hunt. 
  • Limit three 'eggs' per household. Each 'egg' must be purchased on a separate transaction. 
  • I am happy to refund any purchases, as always. However, after you have purchased three 'eggs' any subsequent 'eggs' purchased will be removed from your order and rehidden. Aka. Please play fair. Decide which egg you want to 'claim' and make your purchase. Do not purchase ten eggs to try to get bigger and bigger prizes. The bunny does not take kindly to cheaters.  
  • Note - it costs you a penny to purchase the hidden egg listing. I promise to refund this to you when I ship your purchase. 

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