Abby's Favorites: Week 2

In honor of my favorite I'm spending the month of April sending shout-outs to some of my favorite products. Now I try not to be partial when it comes to diapers, but you know how it goes. There will always be a few that you just cannot help but love more than others. You try not to let on to the other diapers that there might be a favorite in the crowd, but there is. So without delay (and quickly, while the other diapers aren't listening) let me add to the hallowed halls (one favorite spot already taken by GroVia's All-in-One)..... 

Why do I love it? The Bamboo Pod is super absorbent yet still very trim. Also love the aplix closures - they make quick work of diaper changes when the last thing a toddler wants to do is stand still. 

And? The Miss Kitty print is one of my all-time favorites! I smile every time I see the diaper peaking out the top of my daughter's  pants. And how great is it that I can just reuse the outer, and stare at that great print all day long!

Why else do I love it? I love the idea behind One-Size systems. What a great way to make one purchase and be set from birth to potty training. While this notion is lovely and good in theory, rarely does a one-size system actually work in reality. Instead, one-size diapers often start to fit (and function well) at 9lbs (sometimes even 10lbs+, depending on baby's build).

So what is one to do? Enter IBB's Newborn Diaper Rental, a great way to cover that newborn period for a sweet price tag. But what if you want to buy once and be set? Enter Softbums, and its completely adjustable (and patent pending) Slide2Size elastic leg gussets. 

Baby Oscar at one month - just shy of ~6lbs
This Echo shell has a Bamboo Mini Pod laying inside.
It fits his adorable skinny legs snuggly, and the elastic isn't even at its tightest-possible setting! 

Want a Tip? For the best fit, aim to have the Pod's rise hit approximately an inch below the top of the shell. This will be low enough to ensure you don't have leaks up the front of the diaper, while still high enough that the velcro will hold the insert against the torso thereby keeping the diaper as trim as possible (if the Pod is folded to a shorter rise you'll likely have some front bulk from the insert sliding forward). 

Want a Fun Tidbit? Softbums are made just 8ish hours north of IBB-land. I even had the opportunity to meet Sarah, the lady behind Softbums at Christmastime! Turns out she is a hop, skip and hour away from my parents' house! 

Get them while they're hot! Through April 15th Softbums are on sale at IBB - 15% off individual shells and inserts. Shop fast, sale price limited to the stock I have on hand. 

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  1. My little guy was a preemie and at 8 weeks is around 7 lbs. I love our softbums! It's my favorite diaper right now!