Sign up, You Know You Want To....

If you ask anyone who knows me decently well, they'll affirm I'm not one for technology. I eschewed the smartphone as long as I could (and I'll admit, I do love the one I finally got for the business). I still love my Pink iPod (circa 2005). My undergrad laptop is still in storage, just in case I get the energy to rescue all of the files to a more current storage device (yeah, I know zip drives are so last decade). 

But guess what folks? I've finally added a subscription feature to the blog! That's right! Get the Bitsy Buzz scoop delivered directly to your inbox. At the right >>>> you'll find a sign-up box (labeled 'Get Bitsy Buzz Updates Via Email'). This will keep you in the loop with all that gets published to the blog - including special stockings, sales and the cloth diaper 411. 

Don't confuse this sign-up with the mailing list (labeled 'Get the Itsy Bitsy Bums Newsletter'). The 'Newsletter' signup is a direct-mailing list that I use 1-2x monthly to send out the lowdown on what is new in store, soon-to-be in store, and other goodies. 

But of course feel free to signup for both. 

Now who'd like to join me for a game of Oregon Trail on the IIe? 

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