Back to School: Because It's Pretty

I don't know about your Back to School memories, but the thing that got me even more excited than school supplies shopping was clothes shopping. Seriously, I remember coveting this pair of purple plaid Espirit shoes when I was, um, seven?! And my favorite pair of dark denim overalls from fifth grade. Oh they were so lovely. And of course my Girbaud jeans in seventh grade, paired with a burgundy body suit. (Don't you wish I had those photos uploaded, haha.)
So how could our Back to School celebration be complete without a little something that exists mostly because it is really lovely?? Two fab brands on sale this week - Chewbeads and Teething Bling! The beauty of these beauties, though, is that they are as functional as they are nice to look at. Each is made of silicone (you know, the stuff that coats infant spoons, and bottle and pacifier nipples are made from), and is designed to be worn by mom and teethed-on by baby. My personal favorite is the Chewbeads Hudson in Ivory (above) - looks good with everything in my closet (so good, in fact, that I wear it even when my baby is nowhere in sight).

Get 'em while they're hot, as the sale price is limited to the quantities I have on hand. 

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