Review: Itti*Bitti Tutto Photo Review

I'm very excited to introduce you to the newest author to join Bitsy Buzz! You first met Anna in her GroVia review, and I'm quite pleased to announce she'll be guest authoring review posts over the upcoming months (you astute Bitsy Buzz readers might also notice she's the fabulous WAHM behind the Lily & Sparrow covers

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Without further delay, here's Anna! 

A few months back, I started hearing mama's rave about a diaper called the "Itti Bitti Tutto." I had never even heard of it, so of course, I googled it! My Google search led me to the Itti Bitti website page--with pictures of the most squishy soft, luscious diapers I had ever seen! It was there that I saw a picture of the "Danube" print and I fell in love. Captivated by its beauty for weeks, I no longer could resist and I ordered it (from our own IBB of course!!).

When it arrived, I was not disappointed! It was so luxuriously soft and the colors were so vibrant, I knew that this was true love. ;) As you well know, beauty is as beauty does. Could this diaper hold my affection? Was it possible for it to truly be so pretty, trim, absorbent and leak-free? Read on to find out!


Brand: Itti Bitti Tutto

Print: Danube (Many other prints & solid colors are available!)
Type: All in One (AIO) or All in Two (AI2)
Size: One size fits most from birth through potty training
Material: Minky Outer, Ultra-soft lining, Bamboo Inserts topped with suedecloth (suedecloth-topped microfiber inserts also available, purchased separately)

Price: $26.95


In short, the Itti Bitti Tutto is one of the most innovative and uniquely constructed cloth diapers I have ever seen! It is quite evident that the Itti Bitti Tutto was designed with both function and form in mind, and I must say, it is a beautiful union! Itti Bitti has managed to create a diaper that is not only nice to look at, but also wonderful to use due to their attention to functional details.

Outside You will find the softest, most vibrant minky ever! Usually this is a sure guarantee that the diaper will be bulky given the "plump" nature of minky--but this minky manages to be plush and trim. There is a snap-down rise on the front, with a single row of snaps at the waist.

My favorite feature is that the waist snaps can cross-over. This means that even a teeny tiny baby can wear the diaper AND when the diaper is dirty you can snap it closed to contain the mess!


The inside of the diaper is where you really see that this diaper has brains and beauty. At the waist, you'll notice that there are "hip snaps" which keep the wings from drooping when small-waisted babies wear the Tutto. In an act of sheer brilliance, the designers of the Tutto also thought to put little tabs to cover the hip snaps when they are not in use to prevent them from boring into Baby's tender waist.

Next, you'll notice the "poo fence" gusset the runs all along the length AND back of the diaper.While some diaper companies have thought to add internal leg gussets, few have thought to do one along the back to guard against the dreaded "poopslosions" that terrorize parents of newborns! My initial assumption was that the gussets would lend itself to a bulkier diaper, but thanks to the ultra-thin fabric used in the lining, the bulk the gusset creates is fairly inconsequential.

At the back waist you'll notice a set of snaps for the inserts. Thankfully these are color coded so you can easily figure out which of the three inserts goes where. 

Now here's where you might feel a little overwhelmed--there are three inserts that come with this diaper--but don't dismay! The color coded snaps make it easy match up and place the inserts right where they need to go. Why three? Simple: three inserts allow you three levels of absorbency to choose from. Putting baby in skinny jeans and need an ultra trim diaper? Use just one or two inserts. Going on an errand and need added absorbency? Use all three inserts. (For a chance to see the insert options in action,  check out the video at the bottom of the itti*bitti tutto page.)

The AI2 Factor
If you are like me, you probably grimaced when you saw the price tag for the Tutto! However, once you consider that the Tutto is an All-in-One or an All-in-Two, and you can switch out the inserts and re-use the shell, it really isn't so bad! You can purchase additional inserts (microfiber topped with stay-dry suede cloth for $9.95 or bamboo for $12.95), or you can use pretty much any other insert you already have on hand! I've tried it with Flip stay-dry inserts, trifolded pre-folds, a fitted and even as a cover over flats! In fact, because the diaper is cut wide through the bottom, the Tutto is an ideal cover over flats! Just re-use the shell until it is soiled and then switch it out. One of the nice things about the lining is that it doesn't seem to get as wet as other AI2 linings.

Tip: To avoid the inside getting stinky, try rotating shells and letting one air while the other is in use.

And here my dear friends is where the rubber meets the road! Thoughtful design isn't worth much if it isn't effective. Luckily for me, Itti Bitti Tutto's design is a winner! We have been using our Tutto for three months now and have never had even the teensiest bit of poo escape--even in the midst of a tummy bug! The "poo fence" really does it's job well! I love being able to customize the absorbency for our situation. I can happily say that we have had no issues with wicking or leakage.

My daughter is 10 months old and 17lbs in the featured photographs. It was very easy to adjust the rise and waist to get a perfect fit on her. We had no "gaping" issues or awkward pooches in the front like we've had with other brands. At first I felt like it was cut a little too wide through the bottom, but now I don't think it's a problem. In fact, I find that the Tutto is one of my preferred covers (GroVia being the other) to use over flats! The wide cut is necessary to accomodate more bulk as absorbency is increased (i.e. using it over a fitted). As with most "one size" diapers, it will feel a bit bulky on a newborn, but it will fit. The doll shown below is 18"--the size of a short, chubby newborn :)


I love this diaper! It's definitely a keeper :) It is my "show-off" diaper that I like to have J wear when I want someone to see how cute cloth can be. It's super soft, luxurious, thoughtfully designed, trim, and performs well. I love it's versatility and the fact that the inserts can be switched out and the cover re-used. I definitely recommend this diaper!


  1. I love the itti bitti tutto and your review of it. I have about 6 of them and after reading this, I now have a few ideas of other ways to use it! Thanks Anna!!! Your baby girl is adorable too! :)

  2. i agree to 90% with your review, but i have not had any success with getting rid of the waist gap. my son has narrow hips but a very round belly and chubby thighs. when he stand up in the tutto, it always gaps at the waist. it also tends to leak at the waist as a result. even though we turn the insert the other way for a boy, he still leaks out the top. i wouldn't buy any more of them, but i don't hate them.