1500 Fans: Let's Celebrate

Barely two weeks after the birthday celebration has concluded, and it is time to throw another party! And nothing says party like free fluff!

Three ways to come to this party....

(Be sure to read the Fine Print - its not only fun with slightly amusing high notes, but also important as no exceptions will be made. Party ends tonight at 23:59 central, as we all need our wits about us to tackle Monday.) 

#1 First twelve orders $45.99+ 
You will receive your order's freebie (first order received = 1, second order received = 2 and so on). In addition, your name will go into #2's drawing hat once (want to be entered more than once? feel free to make additional purchases anytime through the evening, as there is no order limit per customer). 

  1. Rockin' Green Pail Freshener ($6.50 value) - Sophie
  2. 5 CJ's BUTTer samples  ($7.50 value) - Amanda M.
  3. GroVia Wet Bag ($8.00 value) - Amy
  4. GroVia Wet Bag ($8.00 value) - Stephanie
  5. itti*bitti Rainbow-White wipes ($9.95 value) - Diane
  6. Teething Bling Bangle ($12.75 value) - Dana
  7. itti*bitti wet bag ($14.95 value) - Melissa C.
  8. GroVia Shell ($16.95 value - you tell me aplix/snaps) - Amanda H.
  9. Bestbottom Shell ($16.95 value - you tell me aplix/snaps) - Melissa H.
  10. bumGenius 4.0 ($17.95 value - you tell me aplix/snaps) - Stephanie
  11. Bright Star Baby AIO ($21.50 value - you tell me size) - Trish
  12. bumGenius Elemental ($24.95 value) - Melissa H.

#2 Fabulous Free Fluff Giveaway ($150+ value) --
After the first twelve orders are received, all subsequent orders will be entered in the hat at a rate of one entry for every $10 you spend (no minimum order $ to participate - shipping charges do not count towards entry total - no max per customer).

The winner snags - 
  • bumGenius Elemental
  • Bright Star Baby AIO
  • Bestbottom Shell + Hemp/Cotton Insert + Stay-Dry Insert
  • Fuzzibunz OS Pocket + matching leggies
  • GroVia Wet Bag
  • CJ's BUTTer 4oz Tube (you pick the scent)
  • 10-scent CJ's BUTTer sample pack! (I'll pick the scents)
  • IBB Wipes Sampler 
Congratulations Amy Cripps, winner of the Fabulous Free Fluff Giveaway!

#3 Want to attend the party without your purse? Feel free! -- 
Through the rest of today I'll randomly post trivia questions on Facebook. First person to correctly answer the question earns his/her name in the hat once. No limit to the number of times you can win. Want to study up? All trivia will be drawn from 2011 Bitsy Buzz posts (yup, that's right. I like to call this AP IBB-trivia). 

Fine Print

  • Freebies expire 23:59 central TONIGHT (8/7). 
  • If we do not receive the first twelve orders, then the drawing will be prorated to match the number of orders actually received (ie. only 6 orders received = only 50% of the giveaways will be raffled). 
  • No trading, substitutions or other 'swaps' for your freebie will be arranged on my end. You are welcome to parlay your new-found free item into something different on your favorite trade/resale site and it will not hurt my feelings (too much). 
  • Due to the nature of the giveaways and freebies, any items ordered from the start of the giveaway's publication through through 23:59 central 8/7/11 can only be returned for store credit. Due to expected order volume, no cancellations on any orders will be accepted. 
  • Gift certificates, trial and rental package orders ineligible from participating, and will not count towards the order count. One exception - if your rental order or gift certificate purchase also includes regular items, the total of which is $45.99 or greater, then you will qualify for the freebie and be entered in the drawing. 
  • You specify colorway preference - boyish, girlish or neutral - and baby's approximate weight, and closure-type as relevant. IBB will choose the specific color/print of your freebie. 
  • Avalee reserves the right to inspect your order and add any items she so chooses. These items can vary from toy food to an extra handful of business cards to Lego flowers. Ok, not really, just checking if you are actually reading the fine print. 
  • Due to the super freebies, Bitsy Bucks cannot be applied to any freebie orders. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
  • IBB strives to ship all orders within 24 hours of receipt. However, please understand if it might take an extra day or two given the turnout to the sale. Orders are packed in the order in which they are received, barring any out-of-stock issues (of which you will be notified via email). 
  • Facebook fine print: By purchasing you agree to release Facebook of any involvement, and that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Your participation provides Itsy Bitsy Bums with your name and shipping details, and Facebook does not receive any notice of your personal information.


  1. Avalee reserves the right to inspect your order and add any items she so chooses. These items can vary from toy food to an extra handful of business cards to Lego flowers. Ok, not really, just checking if you are actually reading the fine print.

    ^^^ LMAO, this could be fun, I am sure the toddlers on the receiving end would be quite excited to see what she threw in:)

  2. I was a little bummed she won't be! lol. Actually please do throw in a bunch of business cards so I can spam people. lol.